About Counselling

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Me Myself and Why invites you to a safe place where you can talk openly and share the things that concern you that you want to share.

There can be times in your life when you need someone to talk to, listen to you or just be quiet with. Often this is not possible with your partner, family or friends and you may need to get a different perspective from someone that is not part of your life. Counselling is not about getting advice but about learning more about your thinking, your feelings and the ways in which you act, helping you to make better life choices.

Counselling at Me Myself and Why gives you the opportunity to talk in confidence about any issues or problems that you have and explore these often difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a safe and peaceful place. I will help you understand your past experiences, relationships and memories to give you insight into these and how they relate to what is happening with you now.

You will have a place of confidentiality and safety where you can share your issues. An important focus will be on the ‘here and now’ empowering you to cope better and be in control of your life.

I am particularly experienced in working with:

  • Mental Health Issues: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, ADHD, BPD, ASD, OCD., Panic, General Anxiety Disorder
  • Addictions: Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Porn, Internet, Shopping
  • Relationship Issues: Couples, Family, Separation and Divorce, Affairs, Sex problems, In-laws, Child related issues
  • Difficult Childhoods: Trauma, Bullying, Abuse – Emotional, physical and sexual.
  • Self: Low self confidence and self esteem, Identity issues, Personality disorders, Work related problems, Bereavement, Anger issues
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